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Huge New Range of Products

As our regular customers will know, we like to regularly add new products to our range that we think will be of interest.

Since our last post, we've been even busier than normal! You'll see that we now stock the brilliant Monin Coffee Syrup Gift Set at £5.99. This is exactly the same as the ones you'll see for sale in Costa Coffee, and have 5 gorgeous syrup flavours in cute 50ml bottles - great for any coffee lover.

We've also geared up for the spring weather (assuming it does arrive some time....) by adding a range of new milkshakes, both as concentrates and in ready to drink cartons, plus smoothie straws and new smoothie cups. More Monin frappe mixes mean you can serve the very best iced drinks when the sun does finally come out.

There are also 8 gorgeous new DaVinci syrup flavours, this time in larger 1 litre plastic bottles. These include Almond Mocha (which we have tried in the coffee area here and it's fantastic!!!), English Toffee, Grenadine, Green Apple, and our very first Fairtrade syrup, a lovely Fairtrade Vanilla syrup.

We hope you enjoy these, and in the meantime, we'll be working on the next set of additions to our range. :)