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Smoothies, Frappes and Milkshakes

Make sure you're ready to serve your customers thvery best cold drinks this summer with our biggest ever range of smoothie mix, ready to drink smoothies, milkshakes, PET plastic smoothie cups and straws and much more. Last year saw a massive increase in the popularity of smoothies and frappes in the UK, partly due to chains such as Costa Coffee and McDonalds serving them throughout the summer.

We're expecting this year to be even better as consumers now know they can get a real fruit smoothie in pretty much any High Street, and many traditional coffee shops that only ever served tea and coffee are now seeing the additional sales that can be made by offering a range of interesting cold and iced drinks.

Take a look at our range of Monin and Zuma frappe powder, easy to use  - just blend with ice and milk to produce a great iced drink - available in a range of flavours. You could even add a dash of flavouring syrup yourself to put something of your own on your drinks menu.

Call us today on 0845 293 9356 to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to talk you through what you need to get serving iced drinks that all your customers will be talking about!

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Lavazza Point of Sale

4 Mar 2014 10:24:52

Lavazza Point of Sale

We are often asked by our Lavazza customers whether we can support their coffee sales with Lavazza point of sale items. As an authorized Lavazza distributor, we have access to a great range of high quality branded items to help you promote Lavazza coffee to your customers. Ideal if you are located near one of the large national coffee shop chains and need something to set yourself apart from them.

The range includes:

-          Lavazza pavement signs – perfect for placing outside your coffee shop, restaurant or diner to let passers-by know you serve really good coffee.

-          Lavazza cups and saucers – if you are going to serve good coffee, why not shout about it by serving it in these top quality white and blue Lavazza branded cups? We have espresso cups, cappuccino cups and Americano cups and saucers available.

-          Lavazza Parasols – if you have outside seating, nothing makes a bigger statement about your coffee than genuine Lavazza branded parasols.

-          Menu cards – fabulous table talkers stand upright on your tables in clear plastic holders to explain the coffee to your customers and encourage them to try it.

-          Loyalty cards and stamps – these branded cards offering ‘buy 5, get 6th free’ show that you not only serve Lavazza, but that you reward your customers for coming back regularly for their coffees.

These products are supplied free of charge to customers who buy their Lavazza coffee with us. The amount of free products we can supply can be discussed with us when you place your order, and we do stipulate that point of sale items can only be shipped on the same consignment as a corresponding coffee order.

This is one of the major differences between us and a cash and carry – we stock the complete range of Lavazza blue coffee beans, and we can assist you to sell more by supporting you with great branded items. Don’t forget that we also sell Lavazza takeaway disposable cups and lids too.

Call us today on 01787 466877 to discuss your requirements and place your order.

Lavazza Cups and Saucers

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Disposable Cups Explained

27 Feb 2014 12:52:18

Our Disposable Cups Range Explained

If you are thinking of offering takeaway hot drinks to your customers, or you are considering changing to a new supplier, we thought it would be useful to describe our range so you can choose the right one for you.

Put simply, there are single, double and triple walled cups. The thicker the cup, the stronger it will feel and the less it will leak heat through onto your hands. The trade off is that thicker cups are more expensive, but it will prevent anyone from ‘double cupping’, so it’s often more cost effective than it first appears. Here are the different types of cup we currently stock:

Single Wall Paper Cups

Choose from plain white, mocha design, caffe design, Lavazza branded, Coca Cola branded, raffe design, green, prism design and Union Jack. These are the lowest priced cups as they are cheaper to manufacture and are therefore the best choice for anyone either on a budget, or who is using them for water or soft drinks and doesn’t need them to be insulated.

Double Wall Paper Cups

We currently only stock Lavazza branded double walled paper cups as ripple cups have increased in popularity. These quality cups are suitable for anyone wanting to show their customers they serve Lavazza coffee and need something with more insulation than a single wall paper cup

Triple Wall Ripple Cups

These are the thickest of all disposable cups as they are not only triple walled, but are ribbed to keep them even cooler to the touch. They are available in brown (also referred to as a Kraft cup), black and also a new weave design. All are suitable for the hottest of drinks and come in a range of sizes from 4oz espresso to 20oz!

Cold PET Cups

PET cups are clear plastic cups used for smoothies and shakes and can be ordered with either a flat lid with a straw slot, or a domed lid with a central hole for a spoon straw. PET is the highest quality type of clear cold smoothie cups, so they are suitable for anyone wanting to offer smoothies to their customers in a strong and high quality cup.

Candy Striped Cups

Finally, we have our range of coloured candy striped cups, suitable for cold drinks only. We have customers who, because of their attractive design, also use them for pick and mix sweets, popcorn and much more, so they really are one of the most versatile cups we stock.

Disposable Paper Coffee Cups

If this blog still doesn’t answer your question and you need to discuss it with someone in more detail, we are happy to help.

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