Sweetbird Watermelon Iced Green Tea Syrup

Sweetbird syrups contain no artificial colours or preservatives and are free from high fructose corn syrup and 100% GMO free. They are also vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Sweetbird Syrup

'Fair enough' we hear you say, 'so how on earth do you make a drink using this flavour?' Try this Sweetbird syrup recipe, it just couldn't be easier:

Get organised:

Get creative:

  • Half fill your glass with ice
  • Now add 3-4 pumps of Sweetbird Watermelon Iced Green Tea syrup
  • Top up with a little water
  • Stir and serve - that's it!

See? Told you it was easy! Try this on your customers - you'll be offering them something different to everyone else and before you know it, they'll be coming back for more.