Launch of Mocha Italiano Coffee Beans

Launch of Mocha Italiano Coffee Beans

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

Do you like Costa's Coffee? Then read on.....

Today, we have added a fantastic new blend to our range of Planet Java coffees. Exclusive to us here at A1 Coffee, it's the perfect blend whether you're using it at home, or if you run a coffee shop or restaurant.

This stunning Mocha Italiano coffee is expertly blended from 6 different beans, including 4 Arabicas and 2 Robustas. In order to achieve this particularly sweet flavour, our roasters have included Yemen Mocha and Indian Mysore beans, which results in a taste with nutty and chocolatey tones and a warm vanilla finish.

In our opinion, this great coffee is a match for the Costa Coffee house blend, and it cuts through hot milk easily making it ideal for use in cappuccinos and lattes.

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