Summer Is Just Around The Corner......

Summer Is Just Around The Corner......

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

Smoothies, Frappes and Milkshakes

Make sure you're ready to serve your customers thvery best cold drinks this summer with our biggest ever range of smoothie mix, ready to drink smoothies, milkshakes, PET plastic smoothie cups and straws and much more. Last year saw a massive increase in the popularity of smoothies and frappes in the UK, partly due to chains such as Costa Coffee and McDonalds serving them throughout the summer.

We're expecting this year to be even better as consumers now know they can get a real fruit smoothie in pretty much any High Street, and many traditional coffee shops that only ever served tea and coffee are now seeing the additional sales that can be made by offering a range of interesting cold and iced drinks.

Take a look at our range of Monin and Zuma frappe powder, easy to use  - just blend with ice and milk to produce a great iced drink - available in a range of flavours. You could even add a dash of flavouring syrup yourself to put something of your own on your drinks menu.

Call us today on 0845 293 9356 to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to talk you through what you need to get serving iced drinks that all your customers will be talking about!

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