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Drink Me Chai

Drink Me Chai Latte

Drink Me Chai latte is the perfect alternative to coffee and tea, and is available in a range of gorgeous flavours including vanilla and spiced chai. Ideal for both home and catering use.

Are you looking for an interesting alternative to tea and coffee?

Chai is growing in popularity here in the UK, and Drink Me Chai is one of the leading brands with a great range of different flavours. Chai is a blend of tea, sugar and spices that is available in a range of different flavours and can be purchased in different pack sizes, making them suitable for both home and catering use.

How Do You Make Chai Latte?

Each one of our chai product pages describes how to make it, and many also have an instructional video. Don't worry - it couldn't be any easier, it's just chai powder and either hot water or hot milk, depending on your personal preference. It's so easy to make, just add 2 teaspoons of your chosen flavour of Drink Me Chai latte powder and just add hot water. For a creamier taste, you can add half milk and half water. If you are thinking of trying a new Drink Me Chai spiced tea, remember that we stock the whole range in both 250g tins and 1 kilo tins.

We also offer fast delivery throughout the UK and Ireland plus easy online ordering, so you could be sipping a mouthwatering cup of hot chai latte tomorrow. We appreciate that not everyone is a business customer, and so we don't insist on a minimum order quantity - simply pick whatever you need and we will have it shipped to you as soon as possible.