Looking for the best frappes and sauces?

Ghirardelli premium frappes and gourmet chocolate sauces are imported from California and are head and shoulders above most other brands within the industry. They are one of the very few chocolate producers who control their entire production process, ensuring attention to detail and the very highest standards of quality.

Do You Need The Best Quality Sauces and Frappes?

Whether you are choosing chocolate sauces, toppings and frappes for your business or for home use, you won't find anything better than Ghirardelli. Imported from California, this is as good as chocolate gets! We also offer fast delivery throughout the UK and Ireland plus easy online ordering.

What Can Ghirardelli Chocolate Be Used For?

Whether you are making a chocolate frappe in your own kitchen, or are using their gourmet sauces to produce speciality drinks for your coffee shop menu, you will definitely not be disappointed with the amazing taste and quality of these products, they are quite simply head and shoulders above most of the competition. You'll notice a very distinctive and classy flavour that really sets this brand apart, and explains why we have so many repeat customers for these products. Give Ghirardelli a try today and see what you think.