Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

'Coffee Shop' Coffee Beans

Coffee Shop is a brand of coffee beans that is exclusive to us here at A1 Coffee. If you're looking for good, honest coffee at no-nonsense prices, then look no further. We have produced a range of blends, each with its own distinctive flavour and aroma, and all offered at prices that you won't find anywhere else.

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What Is The Coffee Shop Brand?

These are a range of coffee beans that we have had blended and roasted to our exact requirements, so you can be sure of getting something much better than just another generic coffee blend, these have been painstakingly developed to get great coffee into your cup at a no-nonsense price.

Why Buy Coffee Shop Coffee Beans?

Ask yourself why you wouldn't! These coffees are priced to enable you to run your business without having to keep shopping round for discounts and deals, they are always available at a price that competitors can't match for their own house blend, and the savings can be yours without having to compromise on quality.

What Do Coffee Shop Beans Taste Like?

Each blend has a unique flavour that will work perfectly in all espresso based drinks. We have included a description of each one, so take a look at the different blends on offer, there will be one that is just right for you. If you're not sure which one is likely to be the most suitable for you, try a couple before placing your main order.

How Many Do I Have To Buy?

You can buy anything from 1kg, perfect for trying out the different blends or for enjoying at home, or you can of course buy multiple cases to get even keener prices. On many of our products, we offer a multibuy discount, meaning that the price per box drops the more you buy. This is ideal for larger caterers or coffee outlets, but you can of course benefit from these prices by stocking up now and placing orders less often. The choice is yours.