1 Cup Filters

1 Cup Filters

1 Cup Coffee Filters

Our Fairtrade one-cup coffee filters are the easy and convenient way to serve a great cup of certified Fairtrade coffee with no hassle and no mess. Great for use in the workplace, restaurants, hotels, B&Bs or even at home.

How Do I Use 1 Cup Filters?

Quite simply, just open the sealed coffee filter, place it on your favourite cup or mug, and pour your hot water through to make a great cup of quality coffee absolutely anywhere! If you're on the move, these are also great for camping and caravanning, outdoor pursuits, workshops - anywhere there's a kettle.

If you're looking for filter coffee bags instead, then try our Cafe Express.

How Many Cups Can I Make From Each One?

They are designed to make a single cup of coffee, so you don't have to open a big pack of ground coffee just to make one cup. This makes them really convenient to use, and also has the added advantage of keeping the coffee fresh right up to the time you want to make yourself a cup. Try them today and ditch the instant coffee - you'll notice the difference straight away and it doesn't have to come at a high price either. Click on the products for more information and a detailed description of what they taste like and how best to use them.