Planet Java Fairtrade

Planet Java Fairtrade

Planet Java Fairtrade Gourmet Coffee

Our very own brand of premium coffee is available either as beans or ground ready for filter machines. Including in this range are some Fairtrade coffee blends that have proven to be extremely popular with our customers, as they offer a genuinely top quality taste with very attractive prices.

What Is Planet Java Fairtrade Coffee?

If you haven’t come across the Planet Java coffee brand before, it is a range of coffee beans and filter coffee that is exclusive to us here at A1 Coffee, and is blended and roasted to our own specification so you can be sure of getting the very best coffee in your cup. As Planet Java is not a nationally known brand with point of sale products, cups, stickers and so on, the pricing is much lower than you would expect for coffee of this quality.

The Planet Java range is quite extensive, and although the brand is not exclusively Fairtrade, we have ensured there is at least one option of either beans or ground coffee that is 100% Fairtrade certified. We have even included special cafetiere portion packs that remove the need for measuring the right amount of coffee for your cafetiere.

If the quality of the coffee in your cup is more important to you than offering a household name brand, then Planet Java may be the one for you. It is available for both businesses and home use, and you can buy from just a single 1 kilogram bag, meaning you don’t have to order large quantities to enjoy a truly outstanding cup of coffee.