Monin Chocolate

Monin Chocolate

If you're not familiar with the Monin brand, then you've definitely missed out. Known mainly for their range of amazing flavouring syrups, they also produce some gorgeous gourmet chocolate sauces for use in hot drinks and on desserts, etc. This is the same brand used by Costa Coffee for their mocha coffee, so you can be sure it's a trusted and well known brand you can rely on.

Looking For Monin Chocolate Syrups and Sauces?

If you aren’t already familiar with the Monin brand name, it is the brand used by Costa Coffee here in the UK, and is therefore a flavour that many people already love. Monin chocolate syrup is available here in a variety of different types to help you add some sparkle and extra flavour to your latte and cappuccino drinks, or to flavour hot chocolate and desserts.

In addition to their gorgeous chocolate syrup, Monin also offer their mouthwatering chocolate sauce in either dark or white chocolate, ideal for adding a drizzle to the top of your frothy drinks, or for finishing off desserts, ice creams and pretty much anything that take your fancy! Made in France, Monin is very much a premium brand with a wide range that is perfect for use in coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries and even for making your favourite indulgent drink at home.

Order your Monin chocolate sauce and coffee syrup with us today and you will benefit from a quick delivery service to your door, easy and secure online ordering and the most competitive prices you will find anywhere. If you are currently using another brand, try a taste test between Monin and your existing products and you will notice the difference straight away.