Routin Chocolate

Routin Chocolate

Routin is a premium brand of flavouring syrups and sauces made in the French Alps using only the very highest quality ingredients. They have developed a reputation for producing premium products to help baristas, bartenders and business owners create the ultimate in hot and cold drinks. Including in our massive range of Routin 1883 syrups are some excellent chocolate flavours as well as sauces for creating mochas or finishing off desserts.

Do You Need Routin Chocolate Sauce?

Philibert Routin 1883 flavouring syrups and sauces are among the finest currently available and are made using only the very best quality ingredients. Produced in Chambery in the French Alps, the range is absolutely huge, and like the rest of the range, you will find their chocolate sauce and syrup flavours are second to none.

Routin chocolate sauces are ideal for using on desserts and for drizzling onto the top of your speciality drinks, adding a touch of class and some extra flavour to your creations. Routin’s chocolate syrup can be used in anything from frothy coffees to making milkshakes – all of these chocolate syrup varieties mix perfectly with both hot and cold milk, and can also be used in baking.

No matter what you are using them for, you cannot fail to be impressed by the quality and extensive range of Routin 1883 syrup and sauce. Don’t forget to have a look at the huge selection of other mouthwatering flavours in the range, there is something for everyone!