Portafilters & Baskets

Portafilters & Baskets

Espresso Machine Portafilters, Filter Holders and Baskets

If you are looking for a portafilter for your coffee machine, we can help. Portafilters are often considered the most important factor to brewing the perfect coffee. More importantly however, is the correct use of these filter holders. Visit our blog to learn more about making the perfect espresso with our range of espresso machine spares and accessories..

What Is A Portafilter?

A Portafilter is a Barista tool made of metal, usually stainless steel, with a rubber or plastic handle and is the section of an espresso machine where the ground and tamped coffee sits, which is then pushed up and locked into the group head of the machine. Occasionally these are either lost or damaged and will therefore need to be replaced. It's also a good idea to keep one or two as spares as there's nothing worse than losing one and having to serve all day with one portafilter short!

Where Can I Buy A Portafilter? 

Right here! We stock filter holders, baskets and backflush discs for the most popular manufacturers, many with free UK delivery. Take a look at our wide range of filter holders and compare our prices, plus don't forget we also stock a huge range of espresso machine cleaner powder and tablets, so you can keep your coffee equipment in perfect condition.

We deliver throughout the UK and Ireland using a reliable courier service, so you can be sure of receiving your portafilter quickly and with no fuss. If you don't see the right filter holder for your make and model of coffee machine, don't worry, just send us an email or give us a call and we will do our very best to source it for you.