Coffee Biscuits, Cookies & Confectionery

At A1 Coffee, we stock a massive range of coffee biscuits, cookies and accessories at the lowest possible trade prices. Perfect for serving to your customers whether you run a coffee shop, hotel, restaurant, office, or just to enjoy at home.

Why Should I Buy My Biscuits At A1 Coffee?

If you have already taken a look over our online store, you will know that we have over 2000 products in stock for you to choose from, meaning you can pick up everything you need for your coffee shop, café or restaurant under one roof. As you would expect, we also have a wide variety of biscuits and confectionery on offer, from Fairtrade caramelised speculoo biscuits, to delicious Byron Bay gluten free premium cookies. We offer fast nationwide delivery to your door, easy and secure checkout and the lowest prices you will find online anywhere.

What Are Speculoo Biscuits?

Speculoo is a special type of spiced shortcrust biscuit, traditionally baked for consumption on or just before Christmas the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It has a flavour that works perfectly with hot tea and coffee, and therefore it has become the most popular type of biscuit to serve on the saucer of a steaming hot drink. You have almost certainly unknowingly eaten one if you are a regular visitor to coffee shops here in the UK. We offer a range of different speculoo biscuits in bulk boxes as well as other types of complimentary biscuits, all at our famously low prices.