All Gluten Free Cookies

All Gluten Free Cookies

Gluten Free Cookies & Biscuits

Avoiding gluten shouldn't mean missing out on great tasting food. A1 Coffee stocks a selection of premium quality gluten free biscuits and cookies for you to choose from, including some truly delicious flavours.

Why Buy Gluten Free Cookies?

Sales of gluten free foods in the UK are soaring, partly because people who had to avoid gluten now have the choice of a wider range of goods that ever before, and partly because of the publicity that the benefits of a low gluten (or gluten free) diet appear to offer. Gluten free cookies taste very similar to the standard versions, to the point where it’s now quite difficult to tell the difference, meaning that people without an intolerance or preference for gluten free products can consume them without giving up flavour or texture.

If you are looking for cookies to offer your customers in a coffee shop, café or diner, then gluten free cookies make perfect sense as they can be enjoyed by everyone. Make sure you have gluten free biscuits and cookies available and you will have a wider audience for them – try our range of Byron Bay or Kent and Fraser cookies today and you will discover that going gluten free doesn’t have to mean missing out on flavour.