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Kent & Fraser Gluten Free Biscuits & Cookies

The Kent & Fraser range of gluten free cookies has 100% natural ingredients and a range of mouthwatering flavours. Perfect for use in cafes, food shops, self service areas or to enjoy at home in picnics and lunchboxes.

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What Are Kent & Fraser Cookies Like?

If you’re not familiar with the Kent and Fraser brand of biscuits and cookies, they are one of the leading premium brands of individually wrapped gluten free cookies, perfect for both retail use and to enjoy at home. Gluten free cookies are becoming increasingly popular in the UK for a number of reasons, and therefore, coffee shops and cafes are choosing to offer the gluten free varieties instead, particularly as there is no reduction in quality or taste.

Kent and Fraser cookies are offered here in handy sized packs that are perfect for tempting your customers at the till. Available in a small range of mouthwatering flavours, they are consistently one of our very best selling brands.  

If you haven't already tried Kent and Fraser gluten free biscuits, then why not pick up a box on your next order - your customers will love them! There are several gorgeous flavours to choose from.