Milk Pots

Milk Pots

Milk Sticks, Pots & Creamers

We stock a range of UHT milk pots and sticks, creamers and whiteners for home and catering use at the lowest possible prices. Easy and convenient to use, these quality milk jiggers don't need to be refrigerated and are ideal for all self-service areas such as diners, breakfast bars, kitchen areas and more. We also offer fast delivery throughout the UK and Ireland plus easy online ordering.

Are you looking for milk pots at low prices?

We supply diners, coffee shops and many other businesses with boxes of UHT long life milk pots at the lowest prices you will find anywhere. Choose from whole milk, half fat and cream, all supplied in easy to open packaging.

Do they need to be refrigerated?

No. The beauty of these great tasting milk jiggers is that you don't need a fridge, simply keep them away from direct sunlight or very high temperatures. This means that you can make teas and coffees without needing access to a fridge, making them ideal for self-service areas, in-room tea and coffee trays, offices, camping - anywhere you need them.

Can anyone buy them?

Yes of course, if you just need a single box for use at home, then you can still buy yours here at A1 Coffee where we have no minimum order and low prices for everyone. Order yours today and don't forget we also have an excellent range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate to go with your milk pots.

If you are buying a larger quantity for an event or a specific purpose and you need the milk pots to have a certain best before date, then it's always worth giving us a call first to check the dates on our current batch.