Sugar Sticks

Sugar Sticks

Sugar Sticks - Trade Prices!

Our wide range of quality sugar includes sachets, sticks, cubes sweeteners, Fairtrade products, Lavazza sugar, bulk bags and more. With a selection like this at our prices, why go anywhere else? Don't forget we have thousands of other products in stock from coffee to coffee machines, and everything in between. 

What Kinds Of Sugar Sticks Do You Sell?

We have a selection of both branded and unbranded sticks in a range of different designs, so there is always something suitable for whatever use you may have in mind. We sell sugar sticks to hotels and B&Bs for use in their in-room drinks trays, to diners and cafes for customers to use in their tea and coffee, and we also sell to caterers for general use in a wide range of different applications.

We have included Fairtrade sugar sticks in our range too, as well as Silver Spoon to give our customers a brand they will recognise.

Don’t forget that as well as sugar sticks, we also stock sachets and sweeteners too, so you have the widest choice possible. Pick up your sugar sticks while you're ordering your coffee and tea, you can get pretty much any coffee shop supplies you'll ever need under one roof, so save yourself time and effort and get everything in one single delivery.