Monin 250ml Syrups

Monin 250ml Syrups

Monin 250ml Flavouring Syrups

Monin syrups are available in 250ml glass bottles, perfect for home use, great as a gift and also ideal for commercial use. Mini coffee syrups are not only a useful size to keep handy in your kitchen for when you want a splash of flavour in your drinks, they also make an ideal present for the coffee lover in your life!

Are Looking for Mini-Sized Coffee Syrup?

If you have been looking for your favourite flavours of coffee syrups in miniature sized bottles, then you will love our selection of mini Monin 250ml syrups. If you have been wondering ‘Where can I buy small bottles of coffee syrup?’, then you will find our range is perfect for use at home, as a gift idea, or for coffee shops wanting to stock a range of flavours but who don’t need the larger sized bottles. 

What Flavours of Mini Size Syrups Can I Buy?

The range is wide enough that there are a number of different flavours suitable for use in coffee, hot chocolate and milkshakes, while others are perfectly suited to making cocktails or adding to frappes to make something really special. So whether you are looking for a flavour to make a gorgeous frothy Caramel Latte, or you want the amazing Grenadine, Passionfruit or Coconut flavours to bring your cocktails to life, then you have come to the right place!

Why Should I Buy a Small Bottle of Syrup?

You may want to try a sample of a flavour before buying a larger quantity, or you might be looking to pick some flavours up as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. If you like to try making the occasional indulgent cocktail, then you may prefer these smaller 250ml bottles so you can pick a few different flavours. We also stock the excellent Monin Coffee Gift Set, which is the same item you will find available in Costa and some High Street department stores, plus we have the Cocktail Gift Set available as well, and both of these make the perfect stocking filler.

Give our small Monin bottles a try - they're such a handy size and perfect for all uses.