Disposable Takeaway Paper Coffee Cups and Lids

We stock an excellent range of takeaway disposable paper cups, including Lavazza takeaway cups and lids, paper cups in various designs and colours, plus sip through lids. We are also stockists of plastic smoothie cups, striped milkshake cups, bomb glasses and more.

Paper cups with lids

The UK loves a wonderful takeaway coffee and if you're one of the wonderful businesses or offices that lets your customers take their hot drinks with them in takeaway cups, then we're your supplier. A1 Coffee can help you stock up or help you on your way if you're looking to start offering takeaway. 

I need to buy a bulk amount of takeaway cups, where can I do this?

Right here! You can order 1000's of takeaway cups from us today, and expect them to be with you before you can even say "is that to takeaway?" From just coffee cup lids, to your preferred choice of paper coffee cups, you can order in bulk and expect nothing but quality.

Where can I find just take away cups or just paper cup lids? 

We like to give you choices here at A1. Therefore, you can purchase just the paper cups, or just the lids on their own, so whatever you need, we are here to help. Please be aware that our lids can only be guaranteed tofit the cups we supply - there are a huge number of manufacturers throughout the world, so if you are looking to match up lids to cups you have purchased elsewhere, please make sure you contact us first.

What type of paper coffee cups should I use? 

There's a whole range of coffee cups, and if you're looking for certain sizes or certain cups, we are confident we'll have what it is you're looking for! Simply browse through the range above, of if you're looking for something very particular use the navigation at the top of this page.