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'Exclusive' Design Ripple Takeaway Cups

These superb quality disposable hot drinks cups give your takeaway drinks the very classiest finish possible with a stylish design and sturdy feel. The compact ribbing system used on these cups give a slightly 3D effect that will help your drinks stand out from the crowd.

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Looking For Attractive Patterned Takeaway Cups?

There are many different styles of disposable coffee cups available on the market here in the UK, but few can come anywhere close to our brilliant ‘Exclusive’ range of take away cups and lids. They have the same strong triple walled construction as our Kraft and Black Ripple Cup range, but have been finished in this amazingly eye-catching design that will give your takeaway tea, coffee and hot chocolate the professional look that will really help to make your drinks stand out from the competition.

Available in either black or brown, and offered here in a range of different sizes, you won’t find another design of disposable coffee cup that compares to this. Don’t forget to have a look at our other disposables, including our range of straws, carry trays and much more.

If you are looking to buy disposable coffee cups but want something that looks a little different and helps your drinks to stand out from everyone else's, then these Exclusive Ripple Cups will do the job.