Polystyrene Foam Cups

Polystyrene Foam Cups

Foam Cups

There is plenty of choice in our Polystyrene Foam Cup range. Ideal for takeaway drinks these insulated cups are great for serving hot beverages.

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Where Would I Use A Foam Cup?

Polystyrene cups have excellent insulation properties and are ideal when serving hot drinks such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. They protect both the customers’ hands and keep the drink hot for longer than most types of takeaway cup. They also come in a range of attractive designs to personalise your beverage offer.

Can I Use Polystyrene Cups For Cold Drinks.

Absolutely! In the same way the insulation keeps hot drinks piping hot, it also keeps cold drinks colder for longer particularly when used with a lid. This makes them ideal for milkshakes, slushies, frappes and sodas. They can be used all year round.

Why Should I Use Foam Cups Instead Of Paper?

One of the most obvious advantages polystyrene foam cups have over plastic-coated paper cups is that foam insulates better than paper. Paper cup users frequently use two cups together for hot beverages to protect their hands, use a cardboard sleeve, or wrap layers of napkins around the cup. “Double cupping” an average-weight polyethylene (PE) plastic-coated paperboard cup results in over twice as much solid waste by volume, over five times as much solid waste by weight, and nearly twice as much greenhouse gas emissions as the use of a single average-weight polystyrene cup.

A soft drink in a foam cup will still have more fizz after 15 minutes than the same drink in a paper cup after 2 minutes.  A hot drink in a plastic-lined paper cup will have lost twice as much heat as the same drink in a polystyrene cup after 10 minutes.

The environmental impact from the materials and energy used in making paper cups, as well as the emissions from incinerating or burying paper cups exceeds the impact of making and disposing of cups made of plastic foam.

Average weight foam polystyrene cups weigh between two to five times less than comparable plastic-coated paper cups.

Are EPS Foam Cups Good Value?

Absolutely! From A1 Coffee a 7oz White Polystyrene Cup can cost as little as 1.5p. And with no need to use a cup clutch or to double cup, this really keeps the cost down. We have done all the negotiating and bulk buying with foam cup manufacturers so we can pass the savings on to you, allowing you to concentrate on running your business safe in the knowledge that you are getting the very best prices possible.