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Clipper Premium Fairtrade Hot Chocolate

Clipper hot chocolate is smooth, velvety and 100% Fairtrade certified. Perfect for both catering and home use and always exceptional value for money. Clipper chocolate has always been one of our best selling products, and it's difficult to describe in words just how good it tastes.

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What Is Clipper Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Like?

Clipper is one of the leading suppliers of Fairtrade certified tea and coffee here in the UK, offering the very best quality Fairtrade drinks at surprisingly reasonable prices. Clipper’s gorgeous Fairtrade Hot Chocolate powder is one of our very best sellers and we have had the most positive feedback from our customers who buy it. Give Clipper Fairtrade Hot Chocolate a try and compare it to your current brand, we are confident you will be impressed with the outstanding quality and flavour of this rich and indulgent chocolate powder.

Remember that we also stock many other great brands of hot chocolate from leading manufacturers, all brought together under one roof so you can pick up everything you need without having to visit lots of different online stores.