Galaxy Hot Chocolate

Galaxy hot chocolate is well known for its rich and creamy taste and needs no introduction. Try our range of great hot chocolate sticks, tubs and vending chocolate. Easy and secure online ordering and fast shipping makes A1 Coffee the place to order all your cafe supplies.

Do You Need Galaxy Hot Chocolate For Your Business?

Whether you are looking for Galaxy Vending Chocolate for your instant hot drinks machine, or a catering tub of instant Galaxy Drinking Chocolate for your diner, café or kitchen area, you won’t find better prices or service anywhere.

Why Choose Galaxy Chocolate?

Everyone knows the creamy taste of Galaxy chocolate, so you will be serving your customers a brand they recognise and trust, without having to pay a huge premium for the privilege. It also means you can be assured of consistently high quality across their whole range of products, including Galaxy chocolate sticks which are perfect for in-room drinks selections in hotels and B&Bs.

Are Your Galaxy Products Also Suitable For Home Use?

Of course! Galaxy products are also perfect for use in your kitchen at home, so why not pick up a 1kg tin of delicious hot chocolate and really indulge yourself. You can even use the vending chocolate products at home without a vending machine - many people are unaware that they can save money by using Galaxy vending chocolate with just a kettle and spoon, and as they are now supplied in resealable packs, it's convenient too.