In Cup Hot Chocolate

In Cup Hot Chocolate

In Cup Hot Chocolate Drinks

In cup hot chocolate is convenient, cost-effective and suitable for a wide variety of uses. Each sleeve of 25 cups locks together forming an air tight seal for freshness, and each cup already contains the perfect amount of hot chocolate to make a satisfying hot drink. They can be used in vending machines that take 73mm in cup drinks, or can be made simply using a kettle and spoon, making them ideal for camping and caravanning, etc.

How Do I Use In Cup Hot Chocolate?

Like all of our 73mm In Cup hot drinks, you can use these in one of two ways. You can load the sleeves into a 73mm compatible vending machine (this is one of the most common sizes of vending drinks), so that they dispense authomatically when a customer makes a selection. Alternatively, you can just add hot water, stir and drink. This of course makes them suitable for use anywhere you have access to hot water, such as camping trips, sheds and workshops, staff rooms and kitchen areas.

Remember that it's not just hot chocolate that we offer, there is a complete range of other drinks too, all offered at the same low prices.