Clipper Tea (250s)

Clipper Tea (250s)

Clipper Fairtrade Tea Bags - Boxes of 250

Clipper is a top quality range of Fairtrade and organic tea bags presented in large boxes of 250 - perfect for both home and catering use. You can choose from a huge range of herbal, fruit and speciality Fairtrade tea bags. Clipper Tea Bags come from the UK's No.1 Fairtrade tea company and all their products are made to the strict International Fairtrade Standards. Each box contains 250 individually enveloped teabags, making them ideal for use in self-service areas, B&Bs, hotel in-room selections and of course, to enjoy at home.

Are you looking for large boxes of Clipper Fairtrade teabags?

As well as smaller packs of Clipper tea, we also have a wide range of Clipper tea flavours available to buy here in the larger boxes of 250 teabags. Ideal for any business who wants to offer their customers the very finest quality teas, we supply Clipper tea at the very lowest prices. Each box contains 250 individually enveloped teabags, so they will stay fresh until you want to make a cup.

Can anyone buy your Clipper tea bags?

Absolutely! Whether you run a B&B, café, restaurant, or if you just want to have the very best possible cup of tea in the comfort of your home, everyone is welcome to take advantage of our low prices and fast delivery service. These boxes of 250 teabags are just as suitable for use at home as they are in coffee shops and tea rooms.