Catering Tea (1100s)

Catering Tea (1100s)

Catering Teabags - Bags of 1100

Order your bags of catering tea from A1 Coffee, we have a great range in stock for immediate shipping. Suitable for both home and catering use, our low trade prices are available to everyone. This means that you can take advantage of these prices even if you're buying your teabags to use at home.

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What Kinds Of Catering Tea Bags Do You Stock?

Take a look at our range and you will not be disappointed, we have a selection of top quality brands for you to choose from, so you can ensure you never make a mediocre cup of tea ever again! In this section, you will find catering bags packed in 1100s, so when you take a look at the price, that’s what you’ll pay to make 1100 cups of delicious top quality tea.

Can I Use Catering Teabags At Home?

Absolutely, these are the same types of premium teabags you will find elsewhere in our online store, it’s the quantity you buy them in here that makes them such amazing value for money. That means you can buy them for home and save yourself a fortune over the prices you might be paying for smaller packets. Tea has a very long shelf life (even months or years after the BBE date) and so there is no chance of you buying a catering size bag and having to throw some of it away as may be the case with some other products. This means that you can take advantage of our bulk buy prices and of course, it also means you'll never run out of tea!