Vending Milk

Vending Milk

Cappuccino Topping and Whitener For Vending Machines

We always offer our vending whiteners, milks and cappuccino topping at low trade prices. You can choose from a wide range of quality branded cappuccino topping and whitener for hot drinks, machines and more.

Cappuccino Topping

Literally the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, yet in coffee form. Cappuccino topping is a must when it comes to making the perfect cappuccino from any instant hot drinks machine. As well as giving your drink a frothy top, it also whitens your coffees so you don't need to use both topping and whitener to create a drink you will be proud to serve to your customers.

How can cappuccino topping be used?

Whether you’re using it in a large vending machine, or in a tabletop instant machine in your café, restaurant or bar, our products work well in both scenarios. 

In addition to our very popular brands of cappuccino topping, we offer a range of instant drinks whiteners at amazing prices, including the very popular Milfresh Silver and Milfresh Gold skimmed milk powders. These give a natural dairy taste to your drinks with no unpleasant aftertaste, and can be purchased here at A1 Coffee for prices that others can't match. If you need any further information about our excellent range of premium instant milk powders and whiteners, please feel free to contact us, we are here to assist.