New Range of Barista Products

New Range of Barista Products

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

New Range of Barista Equipment

We are pleased to say that A1 Coffee now stocks a new range of products. One of these products includes a variety of coffee tampers, one being the Luce tamper. The Luce is an inexpensive, alternative tamper that is making a name for itself on the current market. One of its main features includes it being extremely lightweight, weighing only 175 grams. Not only is it lightweight, but the handles are interchangeable, meaning you can match the colour of your tamper to the colour of the room you’re in, or just have a different colour for every day of the week!

Blue Tamper

Available colours include black, brown, red, green, blue and pink. The Luce tamper is available in 3 different base sizes, 53mm, 57mm and 58mm, and every size base has a very slight convex to it just to give that little extra when using it! This tamper is not only perfect for professional use, being inexpensive and classy, but it also makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers! Why not buy it for them in their favourite colour?

How to use a coffee tamper:

When using a tamper, keep a straight wrist. This will promote maximum tamping control. Turn your hip toward the counter and point your elbow up in the air to form a right angle. You will need to hold the tamper as if it was a doorknob. Still holding the tamper, use it to feel the height difference between the top edge of the tamper and the portafilter basket.

Coffee Tamping

Feel all the way round to check the height is even on all sides. Bend down and have a look, making sure the tamper is resting evenly on the grounds. If the tamper is uneven then that means the coffee grounds are unevenly compacted, resulting in an inconsistent extraction. Extreme force isn’t required to pack your espresso, and repeatedly doing so may cause long term, repetitive stress injury (RSI). Baristas use to be trained to use between 30-50 psi, however recently, many baristas believe tamping pressure is overrated. Tamp lightly to ensure that the coffee grounds are level in the portafilter, then lift the tamper and go in for a firm and even tamp. Now comes time to polish. Some people do it, other don’t. It all comes down to personal preference. Polishing is where the tamper is twisted on top of the coffee. People do this to normalise a thin layer of coffee on the surface. Now you are ready to brew!


Other new products:

We also stock the Presso range, which like the Luce features interchangeable handles. But because it is priced higher, the quality of the product is better. Being made from higher class materials, the Presso tamper also weighs a little bit more.

Coloured Coffee Tampers

Check our range of products now to make sure you don’t miss out on any great deals!

Even more new products?

We have also now expanded our range of frothing jugs – introducing bright new colours, etchings and different coatings.

In our range of etched jugs you can buy ones with either skinny, full fat, chocolate or soya etched down the side of the jug. This jug is made out of stainless steel and has a very professional look about it.

Red Milk Jug

Our new Teflon coated jugs come in black, red, green and blue. These jugs are super easy to clean as they have a non stick coating. With the different coloured jugs you can easily colour them to suit your needs. Not only are they great for professional use but they also make the perfect jug for home use, as you can match it to the colour of your kitchen, coffee machine etc.

Take a look at our wide range online today.

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