Cocktail Syrups

Cocktail Syrups

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API


Cocktail syrups are a great way of giving your cocktails a refresh, and an exciting way to explore brand new flavours! We’ve put together some of our favourite cocktail syrups and what you can do with them to spice up your cocktails during the colder months.

Where can I buy cocktail syrups?

Here at A1 Coffee we have a whole range of cocktail syrups to suit all taste buds! 

Monin Blood Orange syrup!

Something to spice up your Halloween night! Blood Orange syrup, sounds like it was made for that party you’re planning, or as a one of special in your restaurant. You can even take a best-selling cocktail and using the blood orange syrup make it a Halloween special! Just one of the ways to use our cocktail syrups


Monin Chestnut Syrup

The perfect autumnal flavour, and what’s even better, is it works with so many other flavours too. Subtle and perfect for this time of year.


Sweet bird Toasted Marshmallow:

Toasting marshmallows requires fire, sticks and some preparation! However with this wonderful flavour, cocktails have never been more convenient or tastier!  


Routin Eggnog Syrup

The modern day Christmas tradition! Love your cocktails but want to get in the festive mood too? Well this eggnog syrup will help you get the best of both worlds!




Cocktail Syrups

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