Three Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Day

Three Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Day

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

3 Ways Coffee will improve your day... 

The fitness fanatic: Coffee can (apparently) improve your workout! Meaning you can work out for longer and with a greater effect. Plus, if you’re brave enough to have simply black coffee, it’s a super low calorie energy boost too.

A1 Coffee recommendation: We supply Monin Sugar free syrups. So for those who are looking to buy coffee supplies with an extra kick, but are dealing with some super fitness fanatics, you can add in flavour without adding in sugar!

The non-morning person: Of course, we all know someone, or in fact you may have 100’s of customers that rely on a cup of coffee in the morning, and with it’s powerful energy boost what else can you ask for.

A1 Coffee Recommendation: Our Takeaway cups are perfect if you’re serving customers that are in a rush (a sleepy one) to get to the office!

The one with the sweet-tooth: Coffee has become an art! We love all the different recipes and ideas that come with being a coffee supplier, from wonderful Sweetbird syrups to supplying vending machines with a range of different hot drinks and coffees. We have a whole range of drink supplies that will help satisfy those with a sweet tooth!

A1 Coffee Recommendation: Have a read through our blog, to discover our syrups and vending machine coffees. Explore our range of syrups too!  

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