Our Favourite Summer Drinks

Our Favourite Summer Drinks

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

Favourite Summer Drink Recipes

It’s been a long week and you’re ready to hit the sun - here is our favourite ice cold drink to beat the heat! This recipe is alcohol free so the kids can enjoy it too! Not a fan of strawberry? Don’t worry, you can always just replace the syrup with another flavour from our huge range of Monin syrups. Maybe mango? Maybe mint? Personalise this refreshing recipe and tell us what you think. 

Sparkling Strawberry Lemonade

Monin Strawberry


1 glass of sparkling lemonade

2 shots of Monin Strawberry syrup

2 handfuls of ice cubes


Pour the lemonade and ice cubes into the blender, then blend until crushed. Add the strawberry syrup and mix. Serve Immediately.

Maybe you don’t want a fruity drink? Maybe you want your mug of coffee back! How about trying out this new easy way to make an iced coffee at home. It only takes 5 minutes and no unusual equipment required. All you need is your favourite espresso beans (we suggest Lavazza Super Crema), milk, optional flavouring and ice! If you like it creamy, then add more milk. If you like it sweet, add more sugar. If you want it flavoured then add some syrup. It’s your drink, make it how you like it.

Iced Espresso


14g double espresso (Preferably Lavazza Super Crema)

1 cup of cold milk

Sugar or coffee flavouring (optional, see our massive range of Routin and Monin flavouring syrups)

1 handful of ice


With your average double espresso (made with 14g of coffee beans), and transfer into a long glass. Take 1 cup of your favourite type of cold milk, whether it’s skimmed, semi skimmed or whole, and slowly pour over the espresso, making sure you leave enough room for the ice. If you want your iced coffee flavoured, then take 2oz of your favourite flavouring and pour into the glass. If you want it sweetened then add some sugar and mix now. Take 1 large handful of ice, either crushed of whole and place them in your espresso. VOILA!!! You’ve just made yourself your very own iced coffee. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer.

For those special occasions where a little bit of alcohol isn’t frowned upon, you can always try and make our new Exotic Blue Champagne Cocktail. Its zesty, its tangy and it looks irresistible. Using a few of our new Routin 1883 syrups you can create your very own cocktails, ready for any occasion.

Exotic Blue Champagne Cocktail

Blue Curacao Syrup



  • Pour a small amount of sugar cane syrup into a saucer, then dip the rim of the champagne glasses into it.
  • then dip the rim of the champagne glasses into the caster sugar
  • Pour the vodka, orange syrup and blue curaçao syrup to the glass.
  • Fill to the top with champagne
  • Garnish with cherry and orange slice.

We really hope you give these quick recipes a try. They are utterly delicious and super fast to make. You can also use different flavours of syrup, mixing and matching them to create wild variations of these summer favourites. Or maybe you want to add a squirt of whipped cream to your coffee? Possibly even a flake if you’re feeling devilish!  

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