Routin Caramelised Peanut Syrup

Routin Caramelised Peanut Syrup

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

This week, we have added two brand new Routin 1883 flavouring syrups to our range. Caramelised Peanut  which is perfect for adding to all milky and frothy coffees from macchiato to latte and has a taste similar to peanut brittle. You can also use it in hot chocolate for something really different!

The other new flavour this week is Cucumber, which is more for use in cocktails and long, cold drinks.

Customers are more prepared than ever to try new flavours of old favourites, so offering a caramelised peanut hot chocolate to your customers could give you the edge over the competitions, particularly if they are still stuck in their ways offering the same old drinks every time. You can even get the Routin blackboard to display your most adventurous drinks to your customers so they know what you have.

We’ve found our customers are delighted with the quality of the Routin 1883 flavouring syrups and many have told us they’ve noticed the difference in taste when using these. If you are thinking of using syrups to make your drinks menu stand out, feel free to give us a call and discuss what you need and we’ll be happy to help.

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