How To Make The Ultimate Iced Frappe

How To Make The Ultimate Iced Frappe

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

How To Make The Best Iced Frappe In Town

Iced frappes are now hugely popular, so get your technique and recipes ready before summer arrives, and keep your customers happy when the weather finally gets hot!

Let's not complicate things, it couldn't be easier....

Step 1 - Fill a 12oz glass near to the top with ice cubes

Step 2 - Pour milk over the iced cubes and up to the top of the glass

Step 3 - Pour the contents of the glass straight into your blender

Step 4 - Add one scoop of frappe powder (any flavour). At this point, you can be as inventive as you like - if you're making a vanilla frappe, you could for instance add a shot of Monin cherry syrup to create a cherry vanilla frappe!

Frappe Recipes

Step 5 - Blend until smooth

Step 6 - Stand back and admire your creation!

Remember that you can experiment as much as you like with syrups and other additions, and why not try combining two different flavours together? Using a neutral frappe mix such as Kool Kup means that you can create exactly the right flavour for any occasion, and add your own creations to your drinks menu.


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