Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Mar 27, 2023Shopify API

Making The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

From time to time, our customers ask for new recipes for seasonal drinks, mainly because consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous when they order their coffee or hot chocolate. While flavoured coffees are still extremely popular during the cold winter months, hot chocolate has recently been making a major comeback. This may be because the revolution in flavoured and speciality coffees started by the High Street coffee shop chains has started to run out of new ideas. Hot chocolate, neglected for so long, is expected to be next in line for a makeover.

Hot Chocolate

About this recipe: Although this drinking chocolate has a luxurious and velvety taste, it’s made using the very simplest of ingredients, so you don’t need to start ordering lots of new items to make it. Just make sure you use good quality ingredients to achieve the best results.

Ingredients (makes a 12oz drink)

Use a 28g (standard scoop) of the best quality hot chocolate powder you can get your hands on (our favourite and best seller is Zuma Original)

Mix with a little hot water, just enough to make a smooth paste, then add steamed milk (preferably whole milk), and stir together.

Add two shots of your favourite Routin or Monin syrup – this year’s favourites are Orange Curacao, Black Forest, Frosted Mint and Tiramisu. Avoid the temptation to add more shots, it could get too sweet when you add a few toppings……

For ultimate indulgence, top with some whipped cream, mini marshmallows (these melt better than the large ones) and a drizzle of chocolate sauce or a light dusting of cinnamon powder.

If that doesn’t keep your customers happy, then make sure you read our blog regularly, we’ll be adding more ideas soon. And don’t be scared to be creative – there are so many flavours of syrup available that work well in hot chocolate, you will never run out of new drinks to put on your menu.

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