Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

Individual Coffee Bags

Our range of coffee bags are ideal for use at home, in the office, camping - anywhere you want great coffee without the need for a coffee machine.

What Are Cafe Express Coffee Bags?

These brilliant little coffee bags are the perfect way to ensure you can have a decent cup of coffee pretty much anywhere. Each sachet contains a filter that sits on the top of your cup or mug and contains the perfect amount of ground gourmet coffee. Simply pour boiling water through the filter and hey presto - great coffee whenever you need it.

Where Can I Use Coffee Bags?

Anywhere you have access to hot water, you have access to a proper cup of coffee thanks to these ingenious little coffee bags. This means you can use them camping, caravanning, in the office, some of our customers even take a few in their bag when they go on holiday to make sure they can get a decent cup of coffee anytime they want one. No more having to rely on instant!

How Many Coffee Bags Do I Have To Buy?

They are sold in boxes of 50 sachets, so you can buy just a single box, giving you 50 delicious cups of coffee. Each filter is individually wrapped and sealed, so you simply open each one as and when you need one, ensuring they always remain fresh.

Order your gourmet Cafe Express coffee bags from us here at A1 Coffee today and start enjoying the convenience of 'proper' coffee wherever and whenever you want it. You won't find these on the High Street, so treat yourself to a box and you could be enjoying gourmet coffee tomorrow! You can order either by phone or online, and our fast and efficient couriers will deliver it direct to your door - it doesn't get any easier than that!