Arabicas Of The World Coffee Bags (100 x 10g)

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Product Description

Arabicas Of The World Coffee Bags (Box of 100)

These excellent Finest Fresh Arabica Coffee Bags are specially designed to produce a cafetière style coffee made for one without the need for anything more than boiling water. Simply add fresh water just off the boil, brew for 3-4 minutes and gently stir. What could be easier?

This variety is a complex balance of Arabica coffees from around the world with a well-rounded, malty sweetness and notes of toasted almonds completed by bright fruity acidity. Good body and smooth throughout with a prolonged milk chocolate finish.

Perfect for use at home, in offices, camping, outdoor activities, holidays, at your desk or anywhere you need good coffee fast. Great for lovers of coffee who want both convenience and great taste.

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  • 100 Individually wrapped bags
  • Quick and easy - just add water
  • Pouches can fit into your pocket, bag or office drawer
  • Ideal for home or business use