Java Caffe Old Brown Java Coffee (1kg)

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Product Description

Java Caffe Old Brown Java Coffee (1kg)

This very special coffee is blended from premium Indonesian Arabica beans and has been roasted by hand in our own roastery.

Old Government, Old Brown, or simply Old Java describes Java arabica that has been held in warehouses for two to three years. Such matured coffee turns from green to light brown, gains body, adds pungency, and loses acidity. Old Java was a celebrated gourmet coffees until it disappeared from the market after World War II. It has been revived, although it remains difficult to obtain. A somewhat similar taste is offered by aged Sumatra and India Monsooned Malabar coffees. Fine Java that's aged naturally in warehouses gains special syrup tones, with hints of spice and a pipe tobacco hint.

After roasting, we hand pack each kilo in a high quality resealable bag with a one way valve. Suitable for use in bean to cup machines and traditional espresso machines.


  • 1kg bag with one-way valve for freshness
  • Full body with balanced sweetness
  • Strength (1 to 5) = 4
  • Resealable bag
  • 100% Arabica
  • City roast
  • Each bag will make 140 espressos
  • VAT exempt
  • Hand roasted by us in small batches


Allergen Information - The British Coffee Association has adopted the opinion that the growing, harvesting, transport and manufacturing processes of ground and bean product pose no allergen risk to the consumer.