Passionfruit Flavoured Syrup - Boba (2.5kg)

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Product Description

Passionfruit Flavoured Syrup - Boba (2.5kg)

Delicious, true-to-taste flavours, this full-bodied popular flavour is one of the best ones you will find on the market! Our passion fruit flavoured fruit syrup is perfect for iced/bubble teas, as well as for fruity cocktails.

Particularly suited for use in making bubble tea, it perfectly compliments our range of flavoured popping balls.

You can enjoy a wide variety of flavours to blend and mix from our range.


  • Large 2.5kg container
  • Makes approximately 83 drinks (based on 30g per 500ml drink)
  • Ideal for use in bubble tea and cocktails
  • Suitable for vegans
  • 0% VAT



Sweetener(Fructose), Passion Fruit Juice, Water, Sweetener(Sucrose), Flavouring Agent(DL-Malic Acid)(E296), Flavouring Agent(Citric Acid)(E330), Flavor, Acidity Regulator(Sodium Citrate)(E331), Thickener(Xanthan Gum)(E415), Preservative(Potassium Sorbate)(E202), Sweetener(Acesulfama Potassium)(E950), Colour(Tartrazine)(E102), Colour(Sunset Yellow FCF)(E110). 

Keep in a cool, dark, dry place. Once opened, store in an airtight container in the refrigerator and use as soon as possible.


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