Birchall Fairtrade English Breakfast String & Tag Tea bags (100)

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Product Description

Birchall Fairtrade String & Tag Tea bags - Box of 100

Birchall Fairtrade Tea is among the freshest tea available usually taking less than 12 weeks from picking on the plantation to drinking. A premium Rainforest Alliance Certified tea which also provides a better deal for the grower.

This supreme blend captures the freshness and delicious taste of Kenya's Great Rift Valley, one of the most renowned tea growing regions in the world. The high altitude, lush volcanic soil and heavy rainfall of this equatorial area combine to create the perfect set of conditions for growing tea of unparalleled flavour and taste.

All of these tea leaves are hand picked for quality. Each carton contains 100 String and Tagged Tea bags.

It's a little known fact that most tea bags contains plastics. Birchall's popular tagged tea bags are instead made from a blend of Abaca and other cellulosic fibres and are therefore plastic free.