4 Cup Cardboard Carry Tray (180)

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Product Description

4 Cup Cardboard Carry Tray (180)

These strong drinks carry trays are made from recyclable pulped cardboard and are suitable for cafes, coffee shops and kiosks offering takeaway hot and cold drinks. Designed to carry four disposable cups, they are very good value for money, and are also available in a two cup size as well.

These drinks carriers are made from paper pulp, which is produced from recycled paper and cardboard. They are designed for one-time use and can then be disposed of with old paper or card. They are also compostable in an industrial system.

These cup carry trays are also stackable, and therefore take up very little storage space, and are very easy and quick to use. This is one of many reasons why they are so widely used in coffee shops, cafes and canteens and by catering companies during indoor and outdoor festivals and events. They provide a nice tight fit on your takeaway cups for maximum safety and stability.

Each pack contains 180 takeaway drinks carriers.

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