Birchall Peppermint Envelope Prism Tea bags (20)

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Product Description

Birchall Peppermint Tea (20 Prism Tea bags)

Birchall Peppermint tea is a beautiful herbal infusion made using the very finest peppermint leaves. Peppermint is known to be an aid to digestion, making it the perfect choice for after dinner or as a refreshing hot drink late in the evening. Naturally 100% caffeine free.

The unique shape of the prism tea bags and the biodegradable mesh netting are designed to give the purest possible infusion. Individually enveloped for extra freshness, and therefore perfect for use in hotel in-room trays, self service areas or just to enjoy at home.

It's a little known fact that most tea bags contain plastics. All of Birchall's award-winning prism teas are plastic-free, instead using a biodegradable corn starch called “SoilOn”, which originates from plants. This means that they will break down under certain environmental conditions, through a process which usually takes between 2-4 years in soil or water. They do, however, degrade much more rapidly (within 12 weeks) when disposed of through an industrial food waste system and so we strongly recommend that you find out from your local council if it offers a food waste recycling collection service in your area and if so, discard them through this.

Each box contains 20 premium prism string, tag and envelope tea bags.

Recommended Brewing Time: 2-5 minutes

Storage Advice: Store in a cool, dry, place away from strong aromas

  • Premium tea made from peppermint leaves
  • Naturally caffeine free
  • 20 mesh netting prism tea bags per box
  • Individually enveloped string and tag tea bags