Birchall Virunga Rainforest Afternoon Prism Tea Bags (20)

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Product Description

Birchall Virunga Rainforest Afternoon Tea (20 Prism Tea Bags)

This lovely Birchall tea is an elegant and refreshing afternoon tea bursting with flavour. Birchall Virunga Tea is a unique blend sourced exclusively from Rwanda's leading tea estate, acknowledged as being the most innovative tea garden in East Africa. The Virunga estate is known for its strict adherence to sustainable growing methods and techniques. This region of Rwanda is famous for the quality of its tea and the attention to detail is noticeable in every cup.

Birchall Virunga tea is prized for its smooth and delicate finish, and can be served either with milk or brewed lighter and taken without.

In this region of East Africa, the tea bushes grow particularly slowly, at high altitude and relatively low temperatures. This allows the leaves to develop a greater flavour before they are individually hand picked. Birchall Tea is never picked using machinery, ensuring that the leaf, the bud and the stem are expertly pinched together. It's this technique that results in Birchall Virunga Afternoon Tea having its yellow gold colour and bright, refreshing flavour.

The unique shape of the prism tea bags and the biodegradable mesh netting are designed to give the purest possible infusion.

It's a little known fact that most tea bags contain plastics. All of Birchall's award-winning prism teas are plastic-free, instead using a biodegradable corn starch called “SoilOn”, which originates from plants. This means that they will break down under certain environmental conditions, through a process which usually takes between 2-4 years in soil or water. They do, however, degrade much more rapidly (within 12 weeks) when disposed of through an industrial food waste system and so we strongly recommend that you find out from your local council if it offers a food waste recycling collection service in your area and if so, discard them through this.

Each box contains 20 premium prism teabags. Rainforest Alliance certified.

Recommended Brewing Time: 2-5 minutes
Storage Advice: Store in a cool, dry, place away from strong aromas

  • Premium quality hand picked tea
  • Rainforest Alliance certified
  • Bright and refreshing flavour
  • 20 mesh netting prism tea bags per box