Birchall Rainforest English Breakfast 2 Cup Tea bags (1100)

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Product Description

Birchall Rainforest English Breakfast 2 Cup Tea Bags (Bag of 1100)

Birchall English Breakfast Tea is a masterful blend of black teas sourced entirely from estates across East Africa, from Rwanda through to the Rift Valley in Kenya. This is where the very best teas are found. In this region, the tea bushes grow very slowly, at high altitude and relatively low temperatures, developing greater flavour before they are individually picked. Birchall tea is only ever hand plucked, the leaf, bud and stem are carefully pinched together in a ‘perfect pick’. This is how Birchall English Breakfast Tea gains its exceptional brightness, golden colour and strong refreshing flavour.

Each bag contains 1100 tea bags, each bag making two perfect cups of tea.

Rainforest Alliance certified.