Fairtrade Belgian Speculoo Biscuits (300)

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Product Description

Fairtrade Belgian Speculoo Coffee Biscuits - Box of 300 

These individually wrapped Fairtrade certified speculoo biscuits are the classic accompaniment to a great cup of coffee. A premium product offered at a price that allows you to give your customers a complimentary biscuit with their hot drinks.

Each box contains 300 gorgeous biscuits in attractive packaging that will add some real sparkle to the presentation of your tea and coffee.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, cane sugar, vegetable fat and oil (palm, canola), soy flour, honey, raising agent (sodium carbonate), cinnamon, nutmeg. Cane sugar, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards.

  • Belgian speculoos
  • 300 individually wrapped biscuits per box
  • Suitable for all catering and home uses
  • Certified Fairtrade