Lavazza Gran Espresso Paper Pods ESE (150 Pods)

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Product Description

Lavazza Gran Espresso ESE Coffee Pods (150)

These high quality Lavazza espresso pods are made from a blend of South American coffees combined with delicately fragrant Asian varieties and intense coffees from the African highlands. These E.S.E. espresso pods contain delicious Italian Lavazza espresso coffee that has been perfectly pre-ground, pre-tamped then pressed between two pieces of special filter paper ready for brewing.

This blend has notes of cocoa and black pepper.

Why Use Espresso Pods?

The perfect grind every time. The coffee used in Lavazza paper pods are perfectly ground to ensure the maximum coffee extraction from espresso machines. The pods are then packed in a protected oxygen-free atmosphere to ensure the coffee stays fresh until the sachet is opened. No need for tamping and dosing, no wastage and consistent quality.

Lavazza ESE paper pods leave no residue in the machine when the coffee is extracted, so there is less cleaning required.

Each Gran Espresso pod is individually wrapped for maximum freshness. These coffee pods are compatible with all espresso machines designed to accept ESE coffee pods (45 mm, 7 g).

  • Lavazza pre-ground coffee
  • E.S.E. style pods (45 mm, 7 g)
  • Suitable for espresso machines designed to accept E.S.E style pods
  • Not for use in single cup coffee makers such as Senseo, Philips or Melitta
  • Case of 150 individually wrapped espresso pods
  • Imported from Italy


Allergen Information - The British Coffee Association has adopted the opinion that the growing, harvesting, transport and manufacturing processes of ground and bean product pose no allergen risk to the consumer.