Lavazza Gran Espresso Coffee Beans (1Kg)

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Product Description

Lavazza Gran Espresso Coffee Beans - 1kg Bag

Lavazza Gran Espresso is a typical Southern Italian style blend with a recognisably robust taste and body. Lavazza Gran Espresso's rich and dark crema comes from its blend of washed and natural premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, expertly roasted to bring out the delicate aroma and full bodied flavour.

This blend is perfect for those drinkers who enjoy a true Italian espresso flavour. Smooth, but intense with a full body and gently persistent aftertaste. Each 1kg vacuum sealed bag makes around 140 single espressos.

Lavazza Gran Espresso is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to serve a great all-round coffee.

  • Natural Arabica from Brazil from the Cerrado, Mogiana and South Minas region. Washed Arabica from Honduras, African Robusta with spicy notes from Uganda.
  • Composition: 40% Arabica - 60% Robusta.
  • Packed in high-quality foils for freshness
  • Continental flavour and rich aroma


Allergen Information - The British Coffee Association has adopted the opinion that the growing, harvesting, transport and manufacturing processes of ground and bean product pose no allergen risk to the consumer.