Lavazza "Origin" Tierra Brasile 100% Arabica Beans (6 x 1 Kg)

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Lavazza Reserva De Tierra Brasile 100% Arabica Beans 6 x 1Kg

If you are looking for an artisan coffee that is truly exceptional, then this stunning Lavazza Tierra Brazilian 100% Arabica coffee is the perfect choice.

A superior blend of high grade Brazilian natural Arabica: Lambari for a round body notes of caramel and hazelnuts and Cereja Passita with hints of honey and milk chocolate. Thanks to a long and “gentle” drum roasting system ideal for espresso, the coffee aromas are enhanced and preserved.

Each 1kg bag of Lavazza Tierra Brasile coffee beans makes approximately 140 single espressos.

What Is Lavazza Tierra?

Tierra is the Lavazza solution for ensuring sustainable development. When Lavazza first decided to develop this blend, their primary focus was the excellence of the product, care of and support for small communities, and respect for the planet. Over the years, these objectives have been pursued by setting up educational and social projects for the local communities to improve the quality of the crops, by implementing sustainable production techniques and launching activities designed to provide micro-credit, healthcare and access to potable water for the plantations and villages. Tierra is a sustainability project which originated in 2002 and developed in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, aiming to improve the social and environmental conditions and production techniques of a number of coffee-growing communities in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Peru, Honduras and Colombia.

A superior blend of two super-selected coffee types: Lambari, a natural Arabica that produces a smooth body with a mellow texture and the Cereja Passita. These Arabica cherries are harvested when only slightly over-ripe, enriching the cup with the aroma of honey, fresh biscuit and milk chocolate. A velvety, sweet espresso with an intense body and hints of caramel and hazelnuts.

Origins: Lambari natural, Cerrado Cereja Passita

Taste Area: Balanced

Composition: 100% Arabica

Roasting: Medium Dark - Gentle roasting through a traditional drum system

Prevalent Notes: Caramel, hazelnuts and honey

This exceptional coffee is roasted using a traditional drum roasting machine. The art of roasting is processed through the flow of the hot air (70%) and contact with the walls of the drum (30%). Slow thermic exchange: the roasting process happens in a slow and gradual way due to the modulation of hot air, which in turn leads to a reduced swelling of the beans. The beans are transformed and create a strong aromatic fragrance due to to the minor release of oils containing the aroma molecules.

Why Choose Lavazza Tierra Origins?

DISTINCTIVENESS - Choosing Lavazza Tierra means offering a product with an unmistakable taste, thanks to the processing method but also and most of all, to the origins of the blend.

QUALITY - Lavazza Tierra Origins is the result of a careful selection of exquisite single-origin beans. It is the answer to a quest for the best beans, used to guarantee a coffee with an excellent taste and unfaltering quality.

THE ART OF ROASTING - The drum system is ideal as it ensures an even roasting. The process lasts around 8-20 minutes with a temperature of 190˚- 220˚ Celsius.

VERSATILITY - The filter and espresso coffee range meets all the requirements of the consumer market and offers a choice of products for all tastes throughout the day.

SUSTAINABILITY - To create an exceptional coffee such as Lavazza Tierra, a virtuous cycle is launched, creating value for all those involved, from the coffee grower to the end consumer. All in partnership with RFA, a guarantee of the sustainable nature of the products.

ETHICS - The Tierra origins blends enable the barista to offer more cautious customers who care about ethical and environmental issues, a fine quality coffee compatible with their beliefs and preferences.

INTERNATIONAL PROFILE - The Lavazza brand, which is well-known all over the world, is a guarantee of quality that reassures the consumer.

We offer free delivery on all of our Lavazza coffee beans to England, Wales and Scottish Lowlands.

  • Packed in high-quality foils for freshness
  • 6 x 1 kg bags
  • High quality origin coffee
  • 100% Arabica
  • VAT exempt


Allergen Information: The British Coffee Association has adopted the opinion that the growing, harvesting, transport and manufacturing processes of ground and bean product pose no allergen risk to the consumer.