Nescafe Gold Blend 73mm In Cup White + Sugar (12 x 25)

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Product Description

Nescafe Gold Blend In Cup White Coffee & Sugar (300 Cups)

Nescafe is Britain's favourite coffee brand. A rich, luxurious coffee made for 73mm vending machines, ideal for use in the office, cafes, hotels and in the home. Each box contains 12 sleeves of 25 cups of rich Nescafe coffee which lock together to form an air-tight seal to preserve freshness. Also suitable for use in all automatic vending machines that use 73mm cups.

Contains mountain-grown Arabica coffee beans, ground 10 times finer to unlock the full flavour.

How Do I Use InCup Drinks?

An in cup drink is simply a plastic vending cup containing your choice of instant coffee, sugar, teabag, hot chocolate, etc. You can either use them in 73mm compatible vending machines by loading whole sleeves of 25 cups, or you can just add hot water and stir. This makes them ideal for using away from home, or in workplaces where you can't store milk and sugar. Very versatile and easy to use.

These 73mm in cup drinks will fit most compatible in-cup machines including Klix, Eurocup, Flavorpac, Capresso, Darenth MJS, Autobar, Refresh 700/1400, Style 5, 1066, Encore, Brupac & Cafebar. If in doubt, check first that your machine accepts 73mm cups.

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  • 300 cups per case
  • Convenient - no mess or washing up!
  • Suitable for all catering uses
  • Great value for money