Pezzetti Green 6 Cup Moka Coffee Pot

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Product Description

Pezzetti Moka Espresso Coffee Maker - Green 6 Cup

These amazing little Pezzetti ItalExpress coffee makers are hugely popular throughout Italy as they offer you the easiest way of making a quality espresso at home without the need for expensive pump-driven machines. Their aluminium construction and stylish looks mean this will take pride of place in your kitchen, and the simply ingenious design makes it a breeze to use and keep clean.

Supplied here with a green finish in the 6 cup size. Available in other colours.

Makes a great gift for any coffee lover, or why not treat yourself and start making great coffee at home?

How Do I Use A Pezzetti Coffee maker?

Step One - To make espresso in your Pezzetti, first unscrew the base from the top. If you have just made some espresso and are making another pot, make sure you run the espresso maker under some cold water to cool it first. This is because internal pressure can sometimes make the lower water reservoir hard to remove. Fill the bottom reservoir with water to just below the safety valve.

Step Two - Put the filter funnel in the reservoir base. If you are grinding your own coffee beans, ensure you grind enough beans to a fine, espresso powder to fill the basket. If you prefer to use pre-ground coffee, make sure you use an espresso grind to get the full flavour of the beans rather than a cafetiere blend. Feel free to experiment with the amount of coffee you use, to suit your personal preference. Clean all coffee from around the lip to allow a tight seal between the base and top.

Step Three - Clean the coffee powder from the lip of the basket and reservoir and the screw the top onto the base. You can hand-tighten the base, but make a tight seal between the gasket and the base. Place the pot on the stove over a medium-high heat. Your Pezzetti pot will gurgle while brewing. The coffee is ready when you hear the steam hissing through the internal column and no more coffee is being made. Remove the pot from the heat and wait a minute or two to allow the pressure to subside before serving.

Although this may sound complicated, it's really easy and once you've made one pot, you'll be able to do it blindfolded!